Cinquini & Passarino, Inc. (C&P) is a full-service survey and geospatial firm, offering a wide array of Geographic Information System (GIS) services to support your project needs. We have the knowledge and experience to furnish you with data of the highest accuracy possible, and can deliver in any configuration needed for seamless integration with your CAD or GIS environment, as a useful standalone paper, or interactive web/mobile mapping product.

What is GIS?

A Geographic Information System is comprised of software, hardware, tabular and location information, methodologies, and the people utilizing the information, from the experienced professionals who develop and manage it, to company managers and various end users. Our surveyors and analysts bring together information pertinent to your project and develop products to answer many different types of spatial questions. These products including maps, 2D/3D visualizations, tabular data, and measurements. In addition to our cutting-edge data acquisition services, we utilize the most up-to-date publicly available authoritative spatial datasets to support the needs of any project. We will develop appropriate specifications based upon your objectives, or work within the specifications you provide, to capture the information and create the products your project requires. Our experienced Professional Land Surveyors and GIS Analysts are extremely knowledgeable of City and County requirements and will assist you in identifying the most practical solutions. 

Why GIS?

Countless organizations and companies around the globe use GIS to organize, store, visualize, measure, and communicate information. Through mobile and web technology, professionals are taking their information with them into the field and into meetings in formats that support access and interaction, and are enjoying both expected and unexpected efficiencies.  C&P will deliver your solution in the formats most useful to you, including user-friendly mobile apps which allow you to interact with, and even edit, your data. Allow C&P to provide your company or agency with the edge that GIS can deliver, whenever you need it.