Project Planning

Viewing your project in concert with specific planning, resource, demographic, or environmental data of interest can help you make informed decisions and save you time and money. Cinquini & Passarino can provide the spatial analysis required to meet any project’s needs. We will collect any data necessary, but, where prudent, also utilize the most current County, State, Federal, or regional authoritative data to create your solution.

Once we are set up, we can efficiently create the maps you need at very competitive prices. We see GIS as a way of creating value-added work products – whether it is custom high resolution drone imagery, topographic, land use, transportation, land cover, hydrology, or demographic data.

Land Planning

C&P’s Professional Land Surveyors and GIS Analysts are extremely knowledgeable and will assist you in identifying the most practical solutions for your project’s needs. We are eager to assist with your project data acquisition and mapping endeavors. Some examples of our services include:

Williamson Act Compliance: assemble, file, and process County Williamson Act applications as required for various County regulatory procedures such as Lot Line Adjustments.

Site Planning

  • Existing conditions mapping
  • Detailed topographic mapping
  • UAS Imagery Capture for current conditions
  • Slope analysis
  • California Tiger Salamander Habitat Impacts Analysis
  • Flood Zone Mapping
  • Project Notification to neighboring landowners
  • Site plans for County planning applications
  • Mobile Maps for site reconnaissance, feature location, and project planning

3D Fly-Throughs

  • 3D visualization
  • Promotion/Marketing

Custom Thematic Maps

We’ve assisted clients by preparing different types of thematic maps ranging from:

  • Demonstrating a property’s proximity to nearby shopping, dining, and mass transit
  • Demonstrating the current and designed hydrology of a proposed conservation property to regulatory agencies
  • Developing a series of maps for an out-of-state fishing trip!