Mapping and data development


Mapping as a Project Tool

Maps are invaluable tools for visualizing and communicating your project or area of interest.

With a map and GIS we can:

  • Locate, measure, and quantify
  • Highlight features of interest
  • Display data about a phenomenon in meaningful ways
  • Layer and combine data about related phenomena
  • Orient ourselves in relation to nearby phenomena
  • Visualize change over time
  • Demonstrate relationships
  • Tell a story
  • Display important contextual information about a set of features on the landscape

Sometimes a simple visual aid is needed to support an important project meeting or discussion and sometimes highly detailed thematic maps are needed to tell a specific story or document work.  Regardless of the specific need, Cinquini & Passarino’s staff of highly knowledgeable and experienced technical and thematic cartographers work in both the AutoCAD and ESRI environments produce exactly what our clients need.

Communication and Visualization

With the aid of well thought out maps, one is more able to communicate important details to peers and stakeholders. Through spatial analysis and mapping, we can develop new information which may lead to new perspective, the detection of previously unknown patterns and hotspots, entirely new insights, or persuade a new concept.

Visuals are processed faster than text and go directly to our long-term memory. Visuals are more powerful than words alone when communicating a message to an audience. In other words, seeing is believing.

Mobile Technology

Take your data with you into the field. Let C&P help you utilize your data in an interactive GIS environment, both in the office and in the field.

C&P produces maps for our staff and clients that can be viewed through a mobile application, placing the user in the map when onsite. This technology is used to aid in the location of mapped features on the ground, walk through their project site with a digital twin of their site plan, and even collect and edit their data in the field. Our clients are amazed at the new efficiencies this creates.

C&P will provide the finished product in any configuration required. We will assist your company or organization with setting up and maintaining your own interactive web maps, or even deliver your data as a fully formatted KML for use in Google Earth.

Survey and GIS Expertise for Data Development

We will work with you to think creatively about your project and arrive at a solution that best fits your needs, applying forward thinking about how your data will be stored, accessed, queried, and modified over time.

We develop and maintain GIS datasets for our clients. This provides our clients with efficiencies during different phases of a project when map revisions or new maps are required, or when new projects arise.


We can help market your work or tell your company’s or agency’s story through visual tools and story maps.