Hydrographic Survey and Mapping

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Hydrographic and Geophysical Survey Services

Experts on Land, Experts on Water

Cinquini & Passarino, Inc. (C&P) is pleased to announce that we now offer high accuracy, high resolution sonar-based bathymetric and geophysical surveys. C&P is now one of the select geospatial firms on the West Coast where licensed Professional Land Surveyors work hand in hand with Professional Hydrographers.

Multibeam and Singlebeam Sonar Surveys

Cinquini and Passarino specializes in collecting multibeam and singlebeam sonar data in all types of hydrologic regimes. Our Hydrographic Survey Team has the experience necessary to plan, mobilize and acquire accurate bathymetric data in rivers, lakes and reservoirs, tidal slough channels, inlets, bays and offshore through the surf zone. Our services include:

  • Pre and post-dredge surveys
  • Reservoir capacity surveys
  • Underwater infrastructure surveys
  • Habitat restoration surveys
  • Marine construction surveys
  • Scientific research support surveys
  • Backscatter surveys for seabed classification
  • Vessel-based laser scanning surveys

With experienced and well-equipped crews, we are able to mobilize quickly and efficiently in order to meet any project goals while adhering to USACOE and IHO survey accuracy standards.

Geophysical Surveys

From cable and pipeline depth of burial surveys, to quantifying the thickness of sand lenses, C&P surveyors have the proven ability to “look through” the seafloor to characterize the sub-surface regime. Utilizing either sub-bottom sonar or gradiometers, with positioning information from USBL devices, C&P can accurately place sub-surface infrastructure or geologic boundaries. Experts with sidescan sonar, Cinquini and Passarino conducts seabed classification surveys as well as sub-aquatic vegetation surveys in any type of water boundary.

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  • Sidescan sonar surveys               
  • Sub-aquatic vegetation surveys
  • Sub-bottom profile surveys
  • Depth of burial surveys
  • Seabed classification surveys

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