Hydrographic Survey Services

Hydrographic survey Services throughout the greater bay area

Using the latest cutting-edge equipment and technologies to provide the most accurate data

Cinquini & Passarino, Inc. is one of the top firms on the West Coast offering hydrographic surveys and geospatial solutions. With a dedicated hydrographical surveying department and a multi-disciplinary team of land surveyors, hydrographers, and cartographers, we can meet any project goals while adhering to USACOE and IHO survey accuracy standards.

Our hydrographic survey and mapping services include:

  • Multibeam and Singlebeam Bathymetric Surveys
  • Sidescan and Backscatter Imagery Surveys
  • Sub-Bottom Profile Surveys 
  • Magnetometer and Gradiometer Surveys
  • Utility Depth of Burial Surveys
  • Seafloor Classification
  • Sub-Aquatic Vegetation Surveys
  • Marine seismic surveys and sediment layer/thickness surveys
  • Cable Route Landing Sites
  • Outfall surveys
  • Marine construction support surveys
  • Marine engineering support surveys
  • Maintenance dredging and capping surveys
  • Reservoir surveys
  • Wetland restoration surveys
  • Hydrologic monitoring
  • Diver partnerships
Total Station Surveying Instrument

providing expert support and reliable information

Our hydrographic team utilizes the latest cutting-edge equipment and technologies to provide the most accurate data, regardless of whether we’re surveying and mapping a river, lake, tidal slough channel, bay, or offshore through the surf zone. From creek high flow monitoring to planning the construction of piers or dams, our skilled hydrographers provide expert support and reliable information to help you move your project forward with confidence.


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