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Serving contractors, developers, property owners, engineers, other land surveyors, local municipalities, and state and federal governments.

Cinquini & Passarino offers aerial topography in Napa using LiDAR and Digital Mapping Processes, as well as conventional mapping methods. Founded in 1954, we offer comprehensive surveying services, including aerial surveys, ground topography, hydrographic surveys, and construction staking. We work with landowners, developers, contractors, engineers, other surveyors, and state and local governments. 

What is an Aerial Survey Used For?

If you need to survey 20 acres or more, an aerial survey is generally the most cost-effective solution. It’s also far less time-consuming than traditional land surveying methods. In many cases, up to 100 acres of land can be surveyed in under an hour using aerial equipment. Aerial surveys are also ideal for:

  • Areas that are difficult to access
  • Sites that have minimal obstructions as seen from the sky
  • High traffic areas that would make conventional surveying difficult or impractical, such as a busy street

Some specific uses for aerial surveying include:

  • Completing large detailed surveys for construction, transportation, and infrastructure
  • Documenting vegetation and drainage patterns
  • Tracking construction progress and site development
  • Project planning and visualization
  •  Volumetric calculations for landfills, stockpiles, and bulk earthworks
  • Comparing finished projects to the initial design
  • Identifying issues with projects or design flaws
  • Infrastructure inspections, such as bridges or dams
  • Disaster and environmental monitoring 
  • Hazard assessments

Aerial surveys are best used early in the planning stage or for large projects. In addition, aerial topography must be supplemented with ground topographic surveys to meet engineering design requirements. 

How is Aerial Mapping Done?

We provide aerial topography in Napa County using several types of technology.  This includes small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS), commonly referred to as drones. Drones allow us to have better control over the quality and accuracy of our aerial deliverables while also decreasing project timelines. 

Once the data has been captured, it can be further processed to create the following deliverables:

  • High-resolution aerial photography      
  • Planimetric drawings in cad format
  • Thermal imagery
  • Point cloud models
  • Geo-referenced models
  • Digital terrain models

Trusted Aerial Topography Services in Napa

Aerial mapping imagery can be in color or black and white; uncontrolled photos may also be provided for your project. Once we’ve determined the best survey and mapping methods, we’ll coordinate the aerial flights with our subcontractor. With a long history of providing accurate, timely surveys, you can rely on C&P to help make your project a success. 

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