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For land-based laser scanning surveying in Napa, contact Cinquini & Passarino, Inc. With over 68 years of providing land surveying services, you can rely on our team to make your project a success. Our laser scanning surveyors use high-definition scanners to collect nearly 1 million points per second for a true existing conditions survey. We provide laser scanning surveying for engineers, contractors, developers, property owners, local municipalities, and state and federal governments. 

What is Laser Scanning Used for in Surveying?

This surveying method uses a 3D laser scanner to capture 3D spatial information in the form of point cloud data. Each of these points can then be mapped in 3D software to create a highly accurate digital representation of the structure. Laser scanning surveying can be used for a wide variety of applications, but it’s especially beneficial for surveying sites with dangerous conditions or that are difficult to access. Since the scanning system can capture millions of points in minutes, it’s extremely cost-effective.

Laser scanning can capture every part of your site in Napa, even if there are obstacles present. It’s an extremely versatile tool for everything from surveying busy roadway intersections to taking aerial measurements. Due to its high accuracy, laser scanning surveying ensures there are fewer mistakes during the construction process. In turn, this helps minimize costs and project delays. 

Some common applications for laser scanning in Napa include:

  • Site design
  • As-built records for renovations and retrofits
  • Construction coordination
  • Clash detection
  • ADA conformance surveys
  • 3D topographic mapping
  • 3D models
  • Hazard assessment
  • Floor flatness certification
  • Surveying sites that are dangerous or difficult to access
  • Panoramic walkthroughs
  • Monitoring structural defects  
  • Clearance analysis
  • Landslide mapping 
  • Road surveying and traffic construction analysis
  • Historical site preservation and renovation
  • Geological surveys
  • Base for Building information modeling (BIM)

The Benefits of Laser Scanning Surveying

Using land-based laser scanning allows you to plan your project more efficiently while analyzing every component. With our laser scanning services, you can make more informed decisions through each phase of the project. 

Other reasons to consider laser scanning for your Napa project include:

  • Improves accuracy 
  • Real-time 3D data collection 
  • Improves planning and design
  • Increased safety for survey crews
  • Reduces cost and project timelines
  • Better coordination and collaboration on job sites
  • Flexible workflows and fewer site visits
  • Ability to evaluate project stages
  • Works in low light conditions
  • No contact scanning (eliminates risk to workers)
  • 3D imaging software integration
  • Improves overall quality control

Our Deliverables

3D laser scanning technologies provide highly accurate data that can be used in most design software. This includes AutoCAD, Revit, and Civil 3D. You’ll be able to view, zoom, pan, and rotate the raw scanner data and obtain instant point-to-point measurements. 

  • Our deliverables include:
  • Sanitized point clouds
  • 2D drawings
  • Point Cloud view with measurement capabilities

Your civil engineers, architects, and designers can also extract specific objects within the point cloud into AutoCAD.

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The C&P team is adept at handling challenging projects using unique and innovative surveying methods that exceed the highest accuracy standards. In addition to laser scanning, we offer comprehensive land surveying services throughout the Bay Area. This includes boundary surveys, aerial and ground topography, hydrographic surveys, construction staking surveys, and more. Our courteous field personnel are extensively licensed, trained, and/or certified surveyors and chainmen. With over 68 years of experience, you can rely on us for all your surveying needs.