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Cinquini & Passarino, Inc. specializes in offering accurate boundary surveys in Oakland for landowners, prospective buyers, developers, contractors, engineers, other surveyors, and state and local governments. Our boundary surveyors utilize the latest equipment and take the time to understand your needs. With over 70 years of expertise and a long history of providing highly accurate and timely land surveying services, you can rely on C&P to provide experienced guidance and clear communication.

What is a Boundary Survey?

Boundary surveys are land surveys that include fieldwork and property record research to determine the legal boundaries of a parcel of land. Sometimes boundary surveys are required by mortgage lenders and title companies before they’ll agree to finance the property. 

Some common reasons boundary surveys are required in Oakland include: 

  • Locating easements on private property
  • Settling boundary line disputes 
  • Buying or splitting a property
  • Building on or improving a property
  • Determining zoning classification
  • Establishing rights of way
  • Updating an outdated property survey

Boundary surveys have two components. The first is measuring, mapping, and marking the boundaries of the land. The second component is researching the property’s historical records and other relevant documentation. 

Sometimes there can be discrepancies between what the title says you own and the actual lines of occupation. A boundary survey can identify these issues. This can be especially important if you’re planning to build a permanent structure on the land, such as a pool or garage. If you don’t know where the true property line is, you may inadvertently build on land you don’t own. This can potentially lead to disputes and legal action. 

What’s Included in a Boundary Survey?

Once the fieldwork and research are complete, the data is reconciled to create a plan, legal description, and report. 

Your boundary survey may include the following:

  • Lot dimensions as determined by the deed, survey drawings, and subdivision plats
  • Existing easements
  • Fences, which often aren’t built directly on the actual property lines
  • Land improvements made by previous owners, such as sheds, garages, pools, or other permanent structures

Additional Surveying Services in the San Francisco Bay Area

In addition to boundary surveys, C&P also offers:

With a long-standing reputation of excellence for over 70 years, you can rely on the C&P team for expert support. Our skilled boundary surveyors near Oakland possess the licensing and expertise to perform any other project surveying needs you may have.