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Railroad Boundary Survey Santa Rosa

The firm of Cinquini & Passarino Inc. can provide the highest quality and most accurate Railroad Boundary Survey in Santa Rosa. Railway surveying requires the use of time-tested and rigorous surveying techniques, technical standards, and design principles that allow tracks and related infrastructure to be designed, built, and maintained so that trains can move safely at an optimum speed over the system.

At Cinquini & Passarino we understand that many of the railroad alignments are over a century old, yet we are at the forefront of several new and emerging technologies. One of our recently implemented technologies is the Trimble GEDO System. This technology allows us to quickly survey railroad alignments with greater accuracy.  In fact, we have achieved up to millimeter accuracy when requested by our clients.

Another type of service that we provide is a Railroad Right of Way Survey. Railroad right of ways are unique in the manner that they were originally created hundreds of years ago. We are familiar with the procedures to establish an original right of way based on historical data and the curve charts established by the early railroad surveyors. We have completed countless railroad right of way surveys and have an expansive knowledge of the methods used for the initial layout which effects the retracement of these items.  

Ensure that your railroad line is retraced correctly with a highly accurate Railroad Survey in Santa Rosa by contacting one of the experts at Cinquini & Passarino. We have multiple offices in Santa Rosa and surrounding areas to assist you with your projects. Please contact us at (707) 542-6268 to find out how we can assist you with land surveyingwetland surveying and mor