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Railroad Survey Santa Rosa

If you’re searching for a firm to perform an expert railroad surveySanta Rosa based Cinquini & Passarino provides the highest quality surveys for your specific needs. The proven, state-of-the-art Trimble GEDO System technology that we use—which allows us to quickly survey railroad alignments with greater accuracy—combined with our expertise in the field, will assure your project is successfully completed on time, if not earlier.

Railroads have unique challenges and difficulties that require advanced training of surveyors, and with 70 years of proven experience, Cinquini & Passarino knows how to handle those challenges.  Our field personnel—all of which are extensively trained, licensed and/or certified surveyors—routinely perform a wide selection of surveys, including railroad as-builts, topographic mapping, right of way surveys, clearance analysis, pre-tamping surveys, geometry reports, construction staking, and positive train control feature collection.

The GEDO System that we use when performing a railroad boundry survey has been utilized on most of the major railroads and high speed railroads throughout the world. By embracing this valuable technology we continue our commitment of providing each of our clients with the most efficient and cost-effective methods to accurately and quickly locate rail geometry for their projects. At Cinquini & Passarino we also can perform vital railroad as-built surveys. Many rail lines exist where there is no existing data on the track profile or other information. Through our unique technology we can collect highly accurate data of the existing rail and appurtenances, and provide that important information to your design or maintenance crews.

Our primary goal at Cinquini & Passarino, Inc. is to provide professional, responsive service on time, all of the time. Performing all types of land surveying in Santa Rosa and surrounding areas, we are careful, comprehensive, and have established a solid relationship with our loyal clients by providing the highest quality service at very competitive prices. Please allow our reputation to speak for itself. For more information about our quality services, please contact us at (707) 542-6268. We look forward to serving you!