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Track Survey Santa Rosa

Get expert track survey from Santa Rosa based Cinquini & Passarino, the leading firm providing the highest quality and most efficient land surveying for 70 years. We are at the forefront of several new and emerging technologies, including 3D laser scanning, which enables surveyors to compile all the information they need. From there, they are able to build accurate 3D models that provide the necessary detail to complete their work. Turnaround time is shaved from a few weeks to a few days, but just as critical, human error is nearly eliminated from the equation.

On large projects, it’s important to make sure not only that everything is up to standard, but that it’s staying on schedule. A track as-built survey is an essential tool to help track the progress on a railroad project and ensure it proceeds safely and accurately. Through our unique technology and processes, we can provide you with a detailed track as-built of the post-construction track conditions.  The as-built is then compared to the your design data and printed graphically for review.  The track charts created are then used for acceptance of the rail line or to make adjustments to meet the design criteria.

Railroads have unique challenges that require advanced training of surveyors, and Cinquini & Passarino knows how to handle those challenges.  In addition to track as-built surveys, our extensively-trained, licensed and/or certified surveyors routinely perform a wide selection of other surveys, including railroad as-builts, topographic mapping, right of way surveys, clearance analysis, pre-tamping surveys, geometry reports, construction staking, and positive train control feature collection.

For the most accurate track survey, trust Santa Rosa based Cinquini & Passarino’s experienced team to meet your surveying goals. We are here to provide you with professional, responsive service. Feel free to contact us at (707) 542-6268 for more information about our services.