Laser Scanning

Laser scanning provides data rich information through fast data collection of site conditions that can inserted into most design software including Autocad Civil 3D and Revit. With the use of a laser scanner, we collect up to 250,000 points a second, creating a true existing conditions survey. Laser scanning is an ideal method for building as-builts, clearance analysis and diagnostics. Scanning can also be used to monitor the evolution of site work and in settlement surveys.

Laser scanning technology is useful for creating topographic surveys, as-built drawings, monitoring movement, and land slide mapping.

Laser scanning accesses those hard to reach places and other sites where access is not possible due to safety constraints, such as traffic, elevation or site conditions. 

Our laser scanning deliverables can vary between a sanitized point cloud to a full 3D model in Autocad Civil 3D or Revit and as-built BIM drawings or 2D drawings. Specific entities within the point cloud can be extracted into AutoCAD for use by your civil engineer, architects and designers.  Each file includes detailed location of features requested and critical to a project. 

Cinquini & Passarino is adept at handling these challenging projects with unique and creative surveying methods meeting the highest accuracy standards. 

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