Subdivision Mapping

Serving developers, property owners,
engineers, and other land surveyors.

With a host of surveying technologies at our disposal, Cinquini & Passarino (C&P) can map lands or buildings to be subdivided in accordance with the State and Local Agency requirements.  We can add value to your team whether you are at the beginning planning stages of a subdivision or moving forward with approved conditions to split your land.  As professional surveyors, we are uniquely familiar with the Subdivision Map Act (CA Government Code Sections 66410, et seq.) and the Subdivided Lands Law (Sections 11000-11200 of the CA Business and Professions Code).  We are also very familiar with local agency requirements that will burden your project if they are not addressed.  Numerous engineers, developers, and property owners continue to use Cinquini & Passarino for their subdivision mapping needs for small lot splits, large neighborhood developments, condominiums, and stock co-operatives.

What is a Subdivision?

A subdivision is any division of improved or unimproved lands for the purpose of sale, lease, or finance whether immediate or future.  This could mean dividing a rural parcel into 2 or more other parcels, dividing a city block into many home lots, or dividing the space in a building for condominium purposes.  All of these examples are impacted by State Law and local policies, plans, and zoning.

What type of surveying is done for a subdivision?

  • Aerial surveys – initial land planning purposes and initial design concepts.
  • Topographic surveys – detailed information to assist with engineering and architectural design.
  • Boundary Surveys – accurately locate the limits of the property to be divided in order to ensure clean transfer of title to the purchasers of future lots.

What Types of maps are required for a subdivision?

  • Tentative Maps – a map that shows proposed development information such as topographic features, proposed lots, buildings sites, utility hook ups, any necessary easements to facilitate the subdivision.  Tentative maps are a graphical plan provided to the local agency to tell the story of the proposed subdivision.  The agency will use this map to determine if the proposed subdivision meets the local requirements and State laws.
  • Parcel Maps – an official map of 4 or fewer lots all subdivided from the same parent property (or properties).  This map will be the basis for which the lands can now be sold or leased.
  • Final Maps – an official map of 5 or more lots all subdivided from the same parent property (or properties).  Like parcel maps, this map will be the basis for which the lands can now be sold or leased.
  • Condominium Maps – an official map of typically one lot of land with one or more buildings in which the common elements and exclusive areas to be sold or leased are delineated.

Move your subdivision through the design, approval, and recordation process with confidence when C&P is on your team!  Our years of experience with all types and sizes of subdivisions set us apart from other surveyors.