Tentative Map Healdsburg

Tentative Map HealdsburgWe will prepare a tentative map in Healdsburg. As a matter of fact, we’ll prepare a tentative map almost anywhere on the West Coast. We are Cinquini & Passarino, Inc. and we’re a professional land survey firm. We have decades of experience and knowledge in this field. We know that the process involved with land division can be convoluted and daunting. Let us help you navigate your way and prepare the maps you will need.

The State mandates that, whenever property is to be divided, a tentative map must be filed. As licensed surveyors, we have the tools and skills required to creative this map. It must be drawn to scale. It must show the proposed number of parcels being established, easements, improvements, drainage, existing structures, elevations and so forth. There are many parties involved when seeking approval for a tentative map in Healdsburg. The map must be reviewed by the Planning Division who will determine whether or not your property can be divided based on zoning codes. It will likely need to be sent to the Building Health, Environmental Health and Public Works departments, as well as other state agencies and any appropriate committees.

Once your Healdsburg tentative map goes through this approval process, and any necessary changes are made, a parcel map or final map can be created. This map must be consistent with the approved or conditionally approved tentative map. It must meet all requirements put in place by state and local law. Once all of the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed the parcel map or final map will be submitted to the county surveyor for recordation.

This whole process can be difficult and may require lots of back and forth revisions. But don’t fret; Cinquini and Passarino is here to help. We understand this system and are prepared to assist you through to the end. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about applying for land division.

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