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Cinquini & Passarino, Inc. provides wetlands surveying to meet environmental mitigation requirements such as the California Environmental Quality Act. We have experience mapping hundreds of acres of existing wetlands for the development of wetland mitigation banks and tiger salamander habitats, as well as providing wetlands boundary surveys for property owners and developers. Our skilled team of wetlands mapper and GIS analysists have also assisted biologists with surveys for wetland exhibits and construction staking.  

What is a Wetlands Survey?

A wetlands survey (also called a wetlands delineation) involves creating a topographical map that shows the limits of the delineated wetland area and the adjacent land. In most cases, wetlands cannot be built on without conducting a survey and obtaining a permit from the city, county or other regulatory agencies. To be in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations, you’ll need to know the boundaries of the wetland before the land can be built on as most wetlands are home to protected plant or animal species.  

In conjunction with a qualified biologist, our wetland mapper analyze the following aspects to determine where the property contains areas where wetlands occur:

  • Soil
  • Vegetation
  • Hydrology
  • Topography

If your property contains wetlands, the United State Army Corps of Engineers will determine jurisdiction. It’s important to understand that not all jurisdictional wetlands are “wet”—some of them may only hold water for 6 weeks out of the year. 

When Do I Need a Wetlands Survey?

A wetlands survey is needed if you’re planning a development project, building a new road, or planning an agricultural field that could disrupt or impact a nearby wetland. Wetland mapping is more challenging than a typical topographical map as it often requires greater accuracy and a contour interval of less than one foot. Our wetland mapper are highly trained to provide the expert support and reliable information you need to move your project forward with confidence. 

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